What Is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an art and science mixed to do therapy using hypnosis. The power of hypnotherapy is that helps the clients to have access to greater part of their brain to have discovery about what are hidden or has happened in the past and /or to do improvement by reprogramming the brain which all these process is in control of clients.

Can a hypnotherapist ask a client to do something or accept something that they don’t want to ?

Please make no mistake between a stage hypnotist or hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. The answer is perhaps No; the Client is aware and in control but to explain we need to designate 1-2 full pages which we recommend you to call us or google it from a good websites.

What is different between hypnotherapists? and hypnotists?

Both hypnotists and hypnotherapists know how to hypnotize most people but not all as some people are harder to become hypnotized but only a good hypnotherapist who has gone to respected hypnotherapy colleges knows how to use some techniques after hypnotizing the clients to make improvement and not just putting a person to asleep which perhaps is followed by a relaxation feeling but not much achieved or no result will be noticed after the sessions and the days after in some cases.

What are the difference between therapist and hypnotherapist?

A therapist is licensed while hypnotherapist are not. Sadly this has caused so many hypnotherapist to make money without going through proper education in respected hypnotherapy colleges.
Second; a hypnotherapist are not allowed to diagnose anything such as any mental disorders nor could treat those who have sever issues and needed medications. It may not be safe for those people to go under hypnosis. However; eCAd CLINIC accept some of those clients if they get referral from their doctor and doctor believe they could get benefit as well from hypnotherapy. In that case we do not recommend to look at hypnotherapy as a whole treatment but to get help improving but at the same time continue taking your medicine that a MD or psychiatrics has recommended and also stay in touch with your licensed psychologist.