Change is Possible and easier at ECAD

At ECAD (Easy Change and Discovery), we offer assistance in overcoming or achieving 184 different subjects. Our services include addressing mild or sever phobias, discovering your potential, achieving goals in various competitions, enhancing relationships, and healing childhood trauma. All of this is provided through private hypnotherapy sessions conducted by Azar Bagheri. In addition, our center offers a range of holistic services, including hypnotherapy sessions to unlock the power of the subconscious mind, meditation groups to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness, and mental detox programs to promote emotional well-being and resilience

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Monday – Friday



7:00 AM – 9:00 PM PST

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Why Choose Us?

Introducing the revolutionary ECAD Technique, crafted by the visionary Azar Bagheri, where easy change and profound discovery merge to create a life-altering experience. Embrace a journey like no other as you delve into the depths of your subconscious mind, effortlessly unlocking hidden potentials and uncovering the key to personal growth. With ECAD, transformation becomes an accessible reality, breaking through barriers that once seemed insurmountable.

Step into a world of limitless possibilities, guided by Azar Bagheri’s expertise, where the power of positive change is harnessed through simple yet profound techniques. Discover the ease of shedding old patterns, fears, and self-limiting beliefs, as the ECAD Technique gently ushers you towards self-awareness and empowerment.

Empower yourself to embrace change with grace and embark on a path of self-discovery like never before. Embrace the ECAD Technique, where profound shifts occur effortlessly, and you unearth the true essence of your being. Embark on a journey of transformation and personal growth with ECAD, and witness the magic of easy change and discovery unfold before your very eyes.

What Our
I never believed in therapy because I thought most of the advice they are going to give me , I know already but when my friend suggested me to try hypnotherapy , I thought why not to try once. And , Guess what, I am so happy I did . I could feel the enlightenment and a lighter feeling right after first session. Azar made this changes in my feeling so naturally like I thought at once I am this way anyway !!
I could not believe these big changes happened to me while I was just laying down doing nothing and why didn’t I know about her till now .
After I tried one session with Azar to relieve the pain and hurt from fighting with my wife. I notice the state of relaxation that she took me to was beyond when I did not even have a fight and I really enjoyed being in that state as often . so every month at least I like to get hypnotized by her just for the sake of relaxation. Her session has helped me to improve my work performance as well as relationship by just being relaxed and focused.
My first session with Azar I think was worth $1000 and I was feeling I am really underpaying her.
I am a MD myself and seeing hypnotherapist with phd degree but after my session with Azar ,I noticed he did not know any technique to be called hypnotherapy and he only relaxed me a little and I felt no changes that day or the the days after even though ; I tried him one more time but the same. Where Azar not only hypnotized me but also with her good observation and sharpness , she pointed at my problem prior putting me to hypnosis which I agreed and after putting me to hypnosis I was more convenient how easy I could overcome my blockage on that matter. I sure recommend her to everyone .You get way more than what you pay and the effect of the improvement you make will help you to grow and even make more money if that is only your concern.
As a researcher , I did a lot of research about how to find a good hypnotherapist as I know some can be dangerous or no good to go to .After learning more about eCAD Clinic and Azar , I went ahead and gave her a call. She suggested me a phone session since I live far north of San Francisco and could not commute far…I had a sexual problem which bothered my husband in my new marriage and I had gone to so many therapist with phD degree or specialist in sex therapy but was not successful. I could not believe after only one session my problems that I had it for long and had seen so many people for it was resolved after that one session. I told her that in my next session and I only continued finishing the second session as she suggested to reinforce and to make sure it won’t come back which it never did!! I owe her a life and my cute baby that is now in my tommy moving!
I know Azar since she was in LA and she is very unique as you don’t see many therapists or hypnotherapists who are listening to people problems all day but still are so fun and energetic. I like having a funny, goofy hypnotherapist as every time my phone session ended. I feel so relaxed like when I fallen in love first time and now I just fall in love with myself and I really need that to be reinforced one in while. I really suggest her as an honest and fun coach yet realistic and understand the real life stresses and challenges.
Larry Greensburg