• International clients

May required to book a minimum of two days in advance if not longer(Based on availabilities).

  • phone sessions
  • Due to Covid-19, all sessions are over the phone.
  • Besides consulting, Coach Azar has had special training in the past to do hypnosis over the phone safely and efficiently with the same effectiveness as the in-person sessions!

IMPORTANT: You must make sure you sit back in a very quiet place for 30 min hypnosis and it is recommended to use hands-free if not headphones.

  • Executive

Workshop using hypnosis and Ecad method are offered to companies.
4-In sessions

***Is not available during COVID 19***
Regularly for Bay Area clients, the office is taking clients by appointment only.


eCAD clinic

To practice social distancing, all sessions are performed over the phone.

Career Coaching
We help clients to find their potentials or to figure out what they really like to do as well as helping them face challenges in their current jobs or to find a job.

  • For unemployment cases, installments are accepted.

Performers/musicians and artists
Welcome to book private sessions for one whole day as well as hourly.

  • First session: 90 min. costs:$225 includes evaluation(one time needed only)+talk therapy +hypnosis using Ecad methods
  • following sessions: $175*
  • Package discount

Discount for 5,10 and 20 sessions available .

*Sliding scale: Yes. For low incomes and firefighters, students
Installment plans: installment programs are available for unemployed clients who are seeking for job or needed career coaching to increase their income.